This download page is for people who want (or need) to compile Tritonus theirselves. For several common needs, pre-compiled binaries are available on the plug-ins page. It is recommanded to have a look there first. It may save you much time.

Ok, now the other case. You have to check out the source code from the cvs. Instructions are below. Of course, you need a cvs client program for your operating system. In the easiest case, this can be the command line cvs on UNIX and UNIX clones (Linux, ...). For Windows, WinCVS is a common choice. Or hundrets of others. Check out the module 'tritonus'. Then, carefully read the file INSTALL in the top-level directory and try to follow it. Note that the instructions in this file are still not complete and up-to-date. If you're stuck, send a mail to the mailing list tritonus-devel.


The CVS repository contains the very latest changes, making them available immediately when they are checked in by the developers.

To access the CVS, see the instructions. You have to check out the module 'tritonus'.

You can browse the files and their development history online using the Web interface.

Releases (very old, not recommanded)

Download directory

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