Tritonus: Open Source Java Sound

Tritonus is an implementation of the Java Sound API.

Currently, GNU/Linux i386 and Linux/PowerPC is supported. Some separately downloadable plugins also run on other JavaSound platforms. Support for other platforms is planned for the future.

Tritonus is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.

Unsure if Tritonus can be useful for your? Read How to use Tritonus.


2003/02/09: Beta version of the ogg vorbis playback plug-in released.
2002/03/30: First version of the CDDA plugin (ripping audio CD's) released!
2001/08/02: First version of the pure java sequencer released.
2001/04/25: Fixed some bugs related to mono files in the MP3 encoding plug-in.
2001/04/22: Fixed a nasty memory leak in the gsm plug-in.
2001/04/16: Updates of gsm and mp3 plug-ins: The mp3 encoder plug-in contains a binary distribution for Linux. The gsm codec has much better support for non-Tritonus Java Sound implementations.
2001/04/12: MP3 encoding plug-in for Windows released.
2000/09/27: Included experimental mp3 encoding with LAME in CVS.
2000/09/25: Released development version 0.3.0. ALSA audio record/playback. Software synthesizer support on Linux. Tested on Linux/PowerPC. See download page.
2000/09/23: Set up the plug-ins page.
2000/09/19: Moved homepage to
2000/08/16: Implemented new dynamic handling of AudioFormat.Encoding and AudioFileFormat.Type as proposal for integration in the official JavaSound API.
2000/08/12: Added GSM support on CVS.
2000/07/19: Added first version of PCM2PCM converter on CVS.
2000/07/01: Implemented Sun-compatible service provider mechanism. Added support for multiple soundcards with alsa audio.
2000/06/25: First version of MidiShare MIDI in/out support in CVS.
2000/05/01: Added Stephane to contributors. Updated status of audio file readers and writers. Updated MIDI section. Deleted CVS task.
2000/04/13: Moved to CVS. The development history is now available there and will not maintained here anymore.
2000/04/10: Release of Tritonus 0.2.0. Full Java Sound 1.0 compliant. Playback and recording via ESD.
2000/04/08: Experimental support of MIDI file (SMF) writing.
2000/04/03: Release of Tritonus 0.1.92. Integrated or improved ulaw, alaw converters and AIFF, AIFC, WAVE and AU file readers/writers. Building on JDK1.1.x possible again.
2000/03/24: Release of Tritonus 0.1.91
2000/03/18: Small modifications to Audio part. Major rewrite of Midi part.
2000/01/24: Moved to sourceforge. Added contributors. Changed 'administrative and misc tasks'. Changed 'Alpha releases' to 'Development releases', now hosted on sourceforge, too.
2000/01/19: Release of Tritonus 0.1.82.
2000/01/07: Experimental support of MIDI device i/o with ALSA.
1999/12/18: Added section "Alpha releases". Published version 0.1.81a (has alpha mp3 support). Updated remarks on mp3 support.
1999/12/09: Florian joins the team. His main tasks are file readers, file writers and audio converters.
1999/12/07: Initial version published.


The mandatory parts of the Java Sound API are implemented. See the feature list for the development state. See the roadmap for features that are planned for future versions.

How to use it

Different types of users can use different parts of Tritonus in a different way. See How to use Tritonus for details.


See the download page.


Plug-ins for other Java Sound implementations with some of Tritonus' features.

API documentation

Documentation in javadoc format.

Mailing lists

There are 4 mailing lists for users, developers, for announcements of new versions, and for cvs changes.


Sourceforge project homepage with

When you want to participate in development, see the Tritonus developer's page.


Comments welcome ! If you find bugs, have suggestions, want to contribute or whatever, send an email to tritonus-user mailing list or use the bug database or the tech support forum on SourceForge.

Have fun!!

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